Why Choose First Resource

Building and maintaining sustainable solutions for Associations, Trade Groups, Societies, and Non-Profit Networks.

First Resource is the premier source for customized association and event management with diverse revenue streams under a unified brand.

  • 25 Year History
    First Resources has been delivering proven results to its clients since its incorporation in the late 1990s. Due to accomplishments of the groups it governs, Frist Resource is viewed as a thought leader in association management.
  • Association Creator
    Separating itself from other management companies, First Resource is one of the few management companies in the United States that posses the ability to create successful associations from Concept to full Industry-wide implementation.
  • Proven Performance
    First Resource gages performance with customized metrics for each association / trade group it manages. Of the common association management metrics, industry norms in new member growth and retention of current members are constantly exceeded by the First Resource team of professionals.
  • Full-Service Management
    First Resource manages every aspect of an association and takes full ownership and responsibility for end results. Comprehensive management includes assuming all duties in the areas of sales, marketing, communications, public relations, and strategy development / implementation. Financial oversight, budgeting, collections, and world-class event management are areas where the Frist Resource team sets the standards ensure long term success and sustainability.  
  • Value Add on Day 1
    First Resource provides immediate value to corporate members of trade associations it operates by offering high impact programs. With national contracts and partnerships covering sectors in MRO Supplies, Commercial Insurance, Leadership Training, Shipping and Freight, Healthcare Insurance Captives, and Manufacturing Assessments, members of any trade group will instantly benefit when their association leadership team selects First Resource as its association management company. 
  • Analytics and Improvement
    First Resource’s in-house data analytics experts provide member executives with industry specific insights and leading-edge benchmarking information to improve business operations. Members’ satisfaction is so high in associations operated by First Resource, measured by annual membership retention rates, far exceeds association norms.   


Services that First Resource offers that help us deliver amazing results for associations.

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